Quite a Surprise

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I'm never sure how to write about something like this. 

Towards the end of July 2009, Sam sent me a message saying him and his wife would be in Tucson and would like to meet Deb and I. I'm always interested in meeting the people who visit this website, so I told him it would be very nice to meet him. 

Sam arrived in Tucson on Friday, 7 August. After some bad directions on my part, we met at a restaurant close to where I live. It's a nice place with good food. Deb and I go there with the kids once in a while. 

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RalphonSaturday 29 August 2009 - 07:27:31
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MagicKiwi1 @ 16 Sep : 14:17 2009
Nice surprise indeed!
Also - I enjoyed the interview you did - thumbs up for sure!
Cheers - Rita in Michigan!lol

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